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Why Are Safety Storage Cabinet With Antistatic Design

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

We know the cause of burning three essential conditions: combustible, combustion and fire. Only these three conditions are met will cause burning, triggering a fire. We prevent burning, so as long as any one of the three elements to avoid fires.

Electrostatic played the role of fire. Static electricity is based on different physical contact will result in energy conversion, electronic transfer will happen on their surface, but produces large amounts of static electricity is has a great relationship with the conductivity of the material.

Experiment shows that resistivity in 1012 ω. cm the material prone to static electricity, and greater than 1016 ω. cm or less than 109 ohms. cm material does not generate static electricity. If the resistivity of the material is less than 109 ohms. cm, because of its good conductivity, static electricity will be leaked soon. However, such as gasoline, benzene, ethyl ether, and their resistivity in ω 1011-1014. cm, are easy to produce and accumulate static electricity. Therefore, the electrical resistivity is the condition of static electricity can build up. If we adopt the antistatic design so that the accumulation of static electricity through a wire into the underground, even though a steady flow of static electricity, but will not accumulate too much, it will not generate static electricity sparks. Can avoid the fire due to static electricity.