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Small Space Like Provinces, Let Them Stand Up

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Desks are also hanging on the wall, the simplest way is to save the table legs, table directly using the hardware to the wall, when not put table hanging against the wall can be. Of course, this is also the cheapest, hundreds of Yuan can start with a. Only regret is that computers, books and other supplies when not in need away.

There is a wall-mounted desk really was like a simple closet, directly fixed on the wall, one compartment can be opened, when table use, remaining isolated storage, when not in use and then shut the closet door-the table, but this is relatively rare, and more demand.

As for the desk, although there is no hanging on the wall, but it also belongs to the State. When using open table, that is, a computer desk. When not in use, along with shelving, computers, paper-and-pencil, is a small cabinet. Placed in the balcony or the bedroom, very well.

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