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Pupils In Hangzhou Invention Prevent Myopia Desks

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Experimental primary school of the Yangtze River, Hangzhou (1) majors Zhou Yihua, specially designed a myopia prevention, fitness ... Posture is not correct, desk immediately sound an alarm reminder. Under the desk also installed two scrollbars, can write job massaging feet. This desk applied for the national patent, this was just two days 2000 Yuan to buy a company in Hangzhou.

Physical distance from the desk less than a fist

Police immediately

Yesterday, we got to the school, met with Zhou Yihua. Small weeks face fleshy, wear a pair of black-framed glasses, bibs, some days.

The desk slightly large than the use in schools, are beige all-solid wood, table, and table legs are very thick. Open the desktop, a drawer, a reach longer than the desktop. Zhou said, which is to protect vision formula says the "Punch", namely reading, writing off the desk punched in the chest. If the distance is near, sit wrong, could easily lead to shortsightedness. So, once the distance is smaller than a fist, you encounter inside the sound alarm, alert sound to remind the correct sitting posture.

Look at desks at the foot, a block of footrest boards, installation of two wooden scroll bar, foot step up slide, can massage the process. Moreover, table legs can also be flexible, adapt to the change in height. Zhou said that the desk before and after three or four months, improved a lot. He went with father to the market, buy accessories, can do it and very excited.