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Nanchang Express Storage Cabinet Is Not At Home Can Receive Express

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Client: self collect express mail very convenient

Recently, the Nam Cheong Community Hall on the first floor there is a free of charge delivery storage cabinet, was welcomed by many owners. Ms Lui qingshanhu district, who lives in the public praise for this new thing is. "Every time a courier calls going to the door and wait, sometimes running errands is not at home, and still have to have an appointment time to receive. "Ms Lui told reporters that about three months ago, free express storage cabinets are installed in the community, provide great convenience to the residents. Her presentation to reporters, enter a 6 digit extraction on text messages after the code, immediately and automatically pop open a door, before and after less than a minute, courier won hands down.

Reporters noted that the free storage units include large, medium and small three lockers in about 50 or so, smart terminal has a screen for customers to use, alongside with HD cameras. Botai Riverside community staff responsible for installing storage tank song told reporters that dozens of communities have been put on the large areas of Nanchang 100 self service storage units, will increase the amount of coverage of storage cabinet in the future.