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Cubiq Launch RFID Magic Storage Cabinet

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Each cube 24 inches long, 19 inches wide, 12.5 inches high, can accommodate a maximum 18 gallon and 50 pounds of objects. External attached to each container of Alien technology to provide ultra high frequency (UHF) EPC Gen 2 tags, paste inside QR code labels. Cubiq custom cube number according to customer demand. The system consists of a RFID reader, can be carried out on each container labels and bar code scanning; customers can manually Cubiq mobile application, enter the product information. Customers can use their smart phones, Tablet PC or visit the company's Web site, enter your user name and password to log on to the system, view their rented cube images, lists, and content. Cubiq company CEO and co-founder Michael Cappelletti said: "the idea is based on our own needs. When I moved to the apartment in the Boston market, I found that there is not enough space. Once you have children, this situation is becoming more and more serious. "Cappelletti said in Boston and his family lived in the apartment, he began to think about with RFID technology for" magic closet. " However, tags and readers are too high a price. Later, he joined the MIT wireless sensor technology seminars. Where he met Carrie Requist founder you Grok It, his ideas began to progress. U can be used as Grok It attached to the Smartphone's UHF EPC Gen 2 Reader, designed to help small businesses and medium enterprises using smart cell phones to track their inventory. Therefore, the Cubiq chose u Grok It, open development platform.

System using RFID and two-dimensional code two labels, it also offers more features. Meanwhile, Cubiq uses Bank level of security seals and plastic rings to ensure system security. In addition, the Alien ALH-9010 handheld reader is used to track the status of the warehouse cube.