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Out of Cabinet companies adjust their strategies to meet development

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Homogenization of cabinets products highlighted as one of the reasons to industry development, in recent years, the industry's "copy style" popular design value is not recognized by the public, forward-looking product design is not enough, lack of professional personnel, no iconic products bring the highlights, it is difficult to improve brand recognition.

With the improvement of social spending, consumer focus is no longer limited to the price, the quality, functionality, service, more consideration brand awareness and reputation of the vendor. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, development of brand strategy, brand image, create a unique corporate culture is increasing influence and solid market position of necessary means.

Development of electric business impact through traditional channels still need practice

Today, online shopping has become a very common way of consumption, binge have a great impact on offline traditional marketing model, "double 11" amazing to taste the sweetness of the performance of the enterprises put more effort and resources on the line, led stores sales fell below the line, shop vacancy rate increased. Dealers not only have to deal with price shocks on the line, and also the store the pressure of rising rents, outbreaks of many shops out of business this year to protest a management fee or rent increases, so that the whole store atmosphere is very low.

But Cabinet after all is experience sex products, stores of exists extremely important, electric business of disadvantages also increasingly more explicit, huge of line Shang turnover behind also has amazing of return proportion, Cabinet enterprise in electric business field still in exploration stage, how better to combined line Shang, and line Xia, and all channel of features, promoted Cabinet marketing mode of full development, need line industry people of thinking and practice.