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Kitchenette completely laws lined cabinets easily incorporated

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

At the kitchen table on the layout, to the stove and basin-centered, items should not be placed above the cooktop to avoid fire,; microwave oven away from the basin to prevent splashing water, and ensure kitchen utensils within easy reach convenience at the same time, but also to preventing the risk of the item, so on the table to place against a side as much as possible. Use panels to increase usage, or take advantage of a small corner space, clean counter-top kitchen garbage, items must be used every day to stay, not commonly used tableware and kitchen utensils to the reception, led to increased utilization of the table. Because of the I-shaped cabinet space is relatively small, not next to the stove design basket, placed at the corner with double storage rack, place some commonly used containers, bottles on the top of the high, low containers placed below, the commonly used containers can be placed on a plate next to, this layout simple and easy.