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Easy pile of grease in the kitchen cabinet cleaning and maintenance tips

Sinoray Metal Products | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

First, Cabinet parts cleaning tips

Door panel clean: soluble cleaning agent for painted doors the class are all benzene class solvent solvent such as unfit for the Panel and resin cleaner.

Cabinet cleaning: when cleaning the sink, the tube neck-side cartridge be cleaned to avoid grease accumulation more thick, oil stain rinse with hot water.

Cleaning: textures and different methods of cleaning, such as natural stone counter tops should be clean with a soft cloth, not class cleaning with toluene.

Second, Cabinet parts and maintenance tips

Door maintenance: avoid soaking, solid wood can be waxing and maintenance, hinges and handle loose or abnormal sound, should be adjusted or notify the manufacturers maintenance.

Cabinet maintenance: placed articles "light weight" items clean and then put in metal parts with a dry cloth to avoid drops of water remain on the surface.

Maintenance: avoid direct contact with the Cabinet hot frying pan and kettle, avoid using sharp objects struck area, door to avoid scratches.